About Us

We are two enthusiasts of photography and of all that things that come with it. Me — an obsessed photo hobbyist since 1988 and my brother — former professional and a passionate photo fan today.

As both of us are almost always to the other side of the lens, I was very puzzled to find a suitable pic, don’t judge too strict (I am the one in focus):

On this site we will share all our photo impressions, reviews, experiments and projects. We both are terribly retrograde that is why many topics will be on old film cameras or may be not.. We don’t have any strict vision of adding to this site, will write about all we find interesting!



  1. Hi there,

    seen your site while looking for ‘pimping’ my summicron c.
    This ‘Summicron-C: changing the focusing tab’

    is exactly what I want to do with my glass.
    I’m a photograper not a amateur craftsman.
    Is it possible to exchange the focusing tab on my glass?

    How did I get the glass in two parts aparted?
    Do I need special tools?
    Screwdriver? Glue?, Grease?
    I allready have the king of bokeh focusing tab,
    Its on thy way from USA to Germany.

    Still longing for a notice from you.

    (I love it most to use my CLA-ed Leica IIIf with 50 mm Elmar)


  2. Really like the blog, but does not look like it has been updated in a while. A pity,

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